Valued Partnerships

Guru Krupa Foundation

The Guru Krupa Foundation (GKF) is a private foundation incorporated in the State of New York. The purpose of the foundation is to fund several charitable causes and it follows a holistic approach to charitable giving. Project categories range from basic needs (food, shelter, health and basic education) to more esoteric ones (higher education, arts & culture, spirituality and the environment).

In 2024, Guru Krupa Foundation awarded AFEC a multi-year grant towards implementation of the Launchpad for Adulthood program. This project will ensure that 15 youth leaving care in Tamil Nadu, India, between the ages of 18 to 21, will have the opportunity to thrive by empowering them with access to education, reducing food and shelter insecurity, and providing them with the mentoring and community support they require to become self-reliant, successful adults.

Lalit & Anubha Gupta Foundation

The Lalit and Anubha Gupta Foundation is a Washington, DC-based private foundation that primarily funds medical research to promote liver health, supports the local PBS and NPR stations, provides aid to the blind in India, and promotes education for the poor in India.

They are partnering with AFEC to further education and livelihood opportunities for 10 youth leaving care.

India Development and Relief Fund

The India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF) endeavors to provide social development and relief assistance to underprivileged people primarily in India but also in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the USA. Their mission is to break the cycle of poverty by empowering marginalized people with skills, services and infrastructure grounded in sustainable development.

Two of IDRF’s focus areas – Education/Skill Development and Women Empowerment – are in complete alignment with those of AFEC and they are partnering with us to expand our Launchpad for Adulthood program to a new state, Karnataka, with 55 new Achievers to be enrolled in 2024.

Shastha Foods

Shastha Foods is a brand synonymous with authentic and wholesome Indian food. As the largest wet batter maker in USA, Shastha Foods offers the widest selection of original, organic and healthy ready-to-cook batters.

For the past several years, Shastha Foods has been supporting AFEC as the Gold Sponsor for our gala. They have led by example by employing (and mentoring) several AFEC Achievers and also helping create partnerships with other local business houses in India to train and employ our youth.

Kripamayi Foundation

Kripamayi Foundation established the Kripa Scholars program in 2022 to celebrate Vimla and Sumer Aggarwal’s lives, their journey from humble beginnings to great success, and their commitment to improving the lives of young adults via education.

To date, Kripamayi Foundation has provided funding for 30 young adults to pursue professional/vocational programs in diverse fields ranging from Nursing to Mechanical and Engineering Services. Four youth from the first cohort have now completed their programs and are on a path to a successful career.

Caridad Partners

Caridad Partners is a giving circle of Bay Area women, founded in 2006,with the goal of enhancing the health, education and economic self-sufficiency of women and children in the developing world through high-impact grants to non-profit organizations.

Every year Caridad Partners identify organizations with an impressive track record, a commitment to measuring and reporting impact and results, as well as maintaining a Bay Area presence. We are grateful for being selected for their grants for the past three years – their funding has been invaluable to support our youth in their journey to independence.


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