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AFEC works to ensure that all youth have a chance to reach their full potential

Our Mission

To support the journey of orphaned and vulnerable youth to adulthood.

Our Vision

We believe the world’s most vulnerable children, those who are abandoned or parentless, deserve to live in safe, loving, supportive environments and grow into happy, productive adults.


How our founders embarked on a heartfelt mission to empower India’s forgotten youth

In 1997, our founders, Gita and Madan Gopal, adopted their daughter from Pune, India. They were overjoyed to have Richa in their lives, but always at the back of their minds were the countless abandoned children in India who had no hope of being adopted. Driven by personal experience and a desire to give back, the couple was determined to make a difference in the lives of these children.

Over the years, they looked for ways to give back to this community that had given them their daughter. When the couple heard that orphaned, abandoned youth are forced to leave care homes at age 18 with no support from family or the state, they were moved. These youth, who often end up in conflict with the law, are unable to support themselves and have virtually no chance of leading stable, successful lives. This was a stark contrast to our founders’ experience with their children and the kind of support they needed at the cusp of adulthood. In 2018, fueled by a determination to make a difference, Gita and Madan established AFEC with a clear vision of empowering these forgotten youth and providing them a chance to craft their own future. AFEC’s goal is to help them overcome the disadvantages of their childhood and adolescence and create opportunities for growth and success.

We believe that all youth deserve a chance at a better future.

Join us in our mission.


Gita Gopal

Co-founder & President

Gita shifted careers from tech to championing the cause of vulnerable children.

Madan Gopal

Co-founder, Secretary & Treasurer

Madan discovered his true passion of leveraging technology for good, after several decades in networking

Sumi Aggarwal

Sumi is a journalist with an impressive career that spans several renowned media outlets.

Priya Jadeja

Priya has made a global impact in research, venture capital, and finance, with over 25 years experience.

Harbrinder Kang

Harbrinder is a creative and forward-thinking executive with three decades of experience.

Karl Kramer

A retired lawyer, Karl is the former head of litigation and managing partner at Morrison & Foerster’s Silicon Valley office.

Anusuya Rao

Executive Director

Originally from Mangalore and raised in Chennai, India, Anusuya has been a resident of the Bay Area for the past two decades.

Jayshree Radia

A passionate advocate for social causes, Jayshree actively supports multiple non-profits in the Bay Area.

Amrita Venkatraman

Amrita graduated from Stanford University with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Psychology.

Roshni Patel

Roshni Patel’s unwavering dedication to fostering literacy among underserved youth has made her a force for positive change.

Sonya Pelia

Sonya is a passionate advocate for gender equality, dedicating over 25 years to leadership, board, and volunteer work.

Anurag Wadehra

Anurag is a seasoned marketer with a proven track record in B2B software companies across diverse industries.

Richa Gopal

Richa is an adoptee who is passionate about bringing the younger adoptive community together.

Shoba Iyer

Shoba was a software professional who worked long hours.

Geeta Athalye

Geeta is a technology executive with over two decades’ experience in the Semiconductor Industry.

Surinder Kang

Surinder is currently a patient advocate at Stanford Hospital

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